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Green Detox Smoothie
Homemade Apple Cider
Kale Cucumber Smoothie
Kiwi, Pear, Basil Smoothie
Pineapple, Orange and Celery Juice
Roasted Beetroot, Cherry and Apple Smoothie
Spinach, Red Grapes and White Turmeric Smoothie


Apple Popover
Apple and Walnut Oatcakes
Ataif with Cream and Berries (Mideastern pancakes)
Dutch Baby Pancake with Peaches and Sour Cream
Fenugreek Oatcakes
French Ruffly Poached Eggs
Jaggery Appam
Bajra Dosai(Pearl Millet Indian Crepes)
Strawberry Cobbler for breakfast
Teff Crepes
Whole Grain Applesauce and Sour Cream Pancakes with Warm Maple Syrup



Apple Jam with Speculoos Spices
Kiwi & Apple Jam
Spiced Pear Jam
Spicy Onion Pear Jam
Orange Marmalade
Red Hot Cranberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Muraba-e-Murch-e-Surkh wa Piaz(Onion Marmalade)

Appetizers and Snacks

  Aloor Nimki (Potato-stuffed  Deep-fried Triangles )
  Cheesy Pinwheel Puffs
  Chirer Chop (Flattened Rice Patty)
Breads & Buns
Brown Sugar Raisin Bread
Chicken Stuffed Braided Bread
Classic Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Swirl Brioche (Eggless)
Chocolate Swirl Babka Muffin Buns
Conchas using Scalded Flour Method (Eggless, whole wheat)
Hokkaido Milk Toast with Tangzhong
Irish Whole Wheat Potato Pull Apart Rolls
Julekake(Norwegian Christmas Bread)(Eggless)
Koffiebroodjes(Dutch Sweet Rolls)
Koulouri (Greek Politiko Simiti) (Eggless)
Marbled Chocolate Brioche Loaf
Patequeta (Spanish Bread Rolls)
Plantain Oatmeal Bread with Walnuts
Pumpkin Yeast Bread
Pumpkin Ale Bread
Savory Pull Apart Bread(with Pesto and cheese)
Slovak Easter Bread-Paska(eggless)
Sun-dried Tomato, Chives and Goat Cheese Scones 
Spiced Orange Buns
Spinach Fatayer (Stuffed Yeasted pyramids)
Stuffed Whole Wheat Naan
100% Whole Wheat Bread (TangZhong Method)
Whole Wheat Coconut Muffin Buns
Zucchini Yeast Bread

  Escarole Pizza
  New York Style Pizza


Green Pea Hummus
Spanish Eggplant and Bell Pepper Dip
Spinach-Artichoke Dip With Sweet Potato Mayo
Salsa Verde


Black Bean Quino Salad
Carrot and Zucchini Agrodolce Salads
Carrot Chili Pepper Quinoa Salad
Chicken Meatball Salad with Mediterranean Flavors
Radish Salad
Shaved Asparagus Salad
Wheat Berry and Chickpea Salad


Fava Yogurt Soup
Orange Scented Lentil Soup (Masoor Dal)

Chicken Paella with Orange
Iraqi-style Brown Rice with Chicken, Carrots and Peas
Lemon Pesto Pilaf
Mushroom Risotto


  Asparagus Stir fry
  Chettinad Pakoda Kuzhambu(Chettinad Pakoda Curry)
  Chickpea Curry
  Chana dal Vada in South Indian Buttermilk Curry
  Kokharu Khatta(Pumpkin Chutney Odiya style)
  Mixed Lentil Stew
  Mustard Asparagus 
  Paneer and Peas Curry
  Plantain Cakes(Odiya-style) (Koncha Kodoli Bora)
  Puneri Aloo(Roasted Potatoes w/ Peanuts n' Curry Leaves)
  Venthayakeerai Paruppu Urundai Mor Kuzhambu(Fenugreek-lentil balls in Buttermilk Curry)


  Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage
  Lentil Soup with Turnip and Nuts  

  Pasta with Yogurt and Caramalized Onions
  Vegetarian Moussaka
  Zucchini Shoes

  Moroccan Couscous with Orange

   Asparagus Tart
   Barley Risotto with Mushrooms and Spinach
   Lemon Thyme Mushroom
   Mashed Butterbeans/Val Ranguni
   Penne with Eggplant Sauce
   Savory Polenta
   Savory Couscous
   Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Red Pepper Sauce


 Garbure Style Chicken Stew
 Poulet a la mode (Chicken Pot Roast in Port)
 Chicken kebabs baked in Yogurt Sauce
 Masala Meatball Curry
 Maple Chicken
 Chicken Piccatta
 Chicken Polpette

Bars, Cakes & Muffins

  Applesauce Spice Bars
  Berry Boy Bait (Eggless Mixed Berry Cake)
  Blueberry Corn Mini-Muffins
  Blueberry Coconut Friends (Gluten free)
  Chocolate Banana Bars (Eggless)
  Chocochip, Cherry and Coke Muffins(Eggless)
  Chocolate Financiers
  Chocolate Red Wine Mousse Cake
  Chocolate Olive Oil Cake
  Chocolate Walnut Jammy Bars
  Christmas Day Muffins(Eggless)
  Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake
  Hummingbird Bars (Eggless)
  Irish Tea Cake (Eggless)
  Jam Swirled Muffins(Eggless)
  Maple Glazed Pear Jam Doughnut Muffins(Eggless)
  Medovik (Russian Honey Cake)
  Mexican Tortilla Carrot Cake
  Butter Cake with Buttercream Frosting
  One Minute Nutella Mug Cake(Eggless)
  Passover Brownies
  Pio V(Nicaraguan Christmas Cake)
  Pina Colada Cake(Eggless)
  Spicy Winter Squash Muffins

Quick Breads
  Blueberry Cherry Banana Bread
  Spiced Persimmon Bread with Bourbon, Dates and Walnuts
  Wholegrain Caramelized Banana Bread

  Bootleg Cronut
  Chocolate Eclair
  Chocolate Biscuit Pudding with Marshmellow Topping
  Crème Brûlée Sans Eggs
  Crispy Donuts(Eggless)
  Gujiya (Coconut-Mawa fried dumpling)
  Kheer Komla (Milk Pudding with Segments of Orange)
  Magas (Indian Chickpea flour fudge)
  Moong Dal Payasam (Moong dal kheer)
  Roshogolla-r Payesh (Bengali Pudding with Cottage cheese balls)
  Qubani Ka Meetha (Indian Stewed Apricot dessert)

  Coconut and Banana Oatmeal Cookies
  Chocolate & M'n'M studded Malted Milk Cookies
  Chocolate Banana Cookies
  Decorated Sugar Cookies(Eggless)
  Double Chocolate Cranberry Hazelnut Cookies
  Double Chocolate Banana Olive Oil Cookies
  Kourabiethes (Greek)
  Linzer Cookies
  Marsala Wine Taralli
  Torcettini di Saint Vincent (Italian Twisted Cookies)
  Toasted Coconut Whole Wheat Cookies (Shortbread)
  Walnut Black Pepper Cookies (Italian)

French Fridays with Dorie is an online cooking group dedicated to Dorie Greenspan's book Around My French Table. A group of enthusiasts, who later began to refer themselves as Doristas,  started this group in Oct 2010 and till date have been systematically cooking their way through it and reviewing the recipes every Friday. After following some of the Doristas for sometime, I decided to join their tasty adventure in June 2013 and have ever since been cooking and enjoying dishes from the book.

April '15
Eggplant Caviar

August '14
Tomatoes Provençal

Guacamole with Tomatoes and Bell Pepper
Salmon Rilettes

May' 14
Pipérade Stir Fry
Smoked Salmon Waffles
Hummus #FRD 2014
Leek Vinaigrette with Mimosa
Tuna Rillettes + Salad Niçoise Sandwich

Apr' 14
Green-As-Spring Veal Chicken Stew
Baby Bokchoy, Sugar snaps and Garlic en Papilotte
Quiche Maraîchère

Mar '14
Vegetable Barley Soup with the taste of Little India
Sausage Stuffed Cornish Hens
Hurry-Up-and-Wait Chicken Roast
Two Tartines from La Croix Rouge

Garbure Style Chicken Stew
Butter & Rum Crepes
Hélène's All White Salad
Dilled Gravlax with Mustard Sauce

Jan '14
Moules Marinière
Christine's simple party soups - cream topped asparagus, red pepper and broccoli
Baked Apples filled with fruits and nuts
Dressy Pasta Risotto

Dec '13
Mme. Maman's Chopped Liver
Recipe Swap "Onion Carbonara"
Orange Almond Tuiles

Salty-Sweet Potato Far
Pear Chestnut Soup
Commote De Pommes

Muenster Cheese Souffle
Poulet a la mode adapted from Bouef a la mode

Chicken Breast with Garlic-Rosemary Butter adapted from Veal Chops with Garlic Butter

Boulevard Raspail Corn
Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumber

Dieter's Tartine
Mediterranean Chicken with Frilly Herb Salad adapted from Mediterranean Fish with Salad
Whole Cherry Clafoutis
Wheat Berry and Tuna Salad

Socca from Vieux Nice
Sablé Breton Galette with Berries
Back-of-the-Card Cheese and Olive Loaf
Goat Cheese and Strawberry Tartine

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