Tzatziki # French Fridays with Dorie

This week we were scheduled to whip up Tzatziki for French Fridays with Dorie.

As most of you know, Tzatziki is a basic part of Greek cuisine. Walk into any Greek diner in the NY Tri-state area and they'll serve you a bowl of tzatziki along with everything else that you have ordered. It is that chilled yogurt dip that accompanies and tastes awesome with spanokopita, pita, bread, kebabs, gyros, stuffed grape leaves... you name it.  

If you have always wondered what are all the ingredients that are stirred into Greek yogurt to make it that awesome dip... here is what it is.  

In a bowl of hung curd or Greek yogurt stir in some lemon juice, olive oil, a generous helping of mint and dill, some minced garlic and some freshly ground white pepper.
Finally throw in a good helping of finely chopped (preferably seedless) cucumber into the bowl. Oh make sure that the cucumber is well seasoned and the water had been drained off the vegetable before you add or it tends to make the dip a little too runny.  That's it ! Now isn't that an easy whip ?

As per Dorie's suggestions I had accompanied my bowl of Tzatziki with veggies but that wasn't very exciting.  It tasted far better with the meat balls that I had made for the toddler and the vegetable pakodas the husband had fried for us..... All in all its a good recipe to keep in mind for times when  you wish to add a little zing to your meal.....

Being a member of french fridays with Dorie, i cannot publish the original recipe in the blog. You can however find a similar recipe here. For many more delicious recipes such as this one order your copies of Around the French Table from Amazon or from The Book Depository and join us as we cook our way through the book.

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