Lend your voice.... AWAAZ DO !!

In India UNICEF has been working since 1949 to help ensure that each child in this country gets the best start in life... yet the fact remains that there are 8 million children in India who are denied their basic 
right to education.

Awaaz Do is a movement started by UNICEF which dreams of an India where 
every child is free to live a happy childhood ,
every child knows the way to school...

To this day several have joined the cause and the support of many more is required 
to help Awaaz Do realize its dreams...

    lend your words, lend your support
champion the cause and show them the light
join  Awaaz do  and help bring the change you want to see in India tomorrow....

[HRI runs a school for the children of the nearby villages. the photograph was taken by P. Bandopadhay during a program at HRI where the children from the village-school participated.]


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