Salty-Sweet Potato Far # French Fridays with Dorie

Bacon, Eggs & Potato baked into a cake with prunes and raisins.... 

now what can there be not to like about this dish... I had thought while reading the recipe... but somehow it did not appeal to me much. It was different and tasted nice with the simple chicken stew I had prepared to go with it.  However it wasn't great. Definitely not as good  as Dorie has described it to be. 

I had halved the recipe but did not adjust the baking time. Neither did I tent the far with a foil while it was baking. All that might have contributed to its browned surface and crusty edges... but that part did not bother us at all. The only complain my husband had was about the raisins. Though I had put the full measure of bacon in half the measure of batter, my husband thought that the raisins were overpowering the taste of bacon. He said that he would prefer the far with less or no raisins. I did not mind the raisins or the prunes... they were okay.. though I think I might like them better in this sweet version of potato far.

Overall this dish was a bit too French for us. I had been intrigued by the name and the list of ingredients in the far and I am glad I tried it once... but I will probably not bake it again.

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  1. You certainly put it nicely. Maybe its "a bit too French" for us. Maybe that was our problem too.


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