Roshogollar Payesh # Holi, Guest Post by my sister

I come from a family of great cooks. My grandmother was the best. According to my mother, she could fiddle around with whatever was available and create fabulous dishes out of them. I think, Moni, my aunt, inherited my grandma's skills and passed those genes over to my sister, Didi.....   So soon after announcing the Favorite recipes Event I asked my sister if she would like to do a guest post for me. She readily agreed. I knew she would. She is the enthusiastic one in the house, always enjoying life as it comes and always up for some fun...

An old  photograph of my big family with my grandparents in the center,
my aunt Moni in the top row and
Didi, in the bottom row..the one wearing red turtleneck and blue n white frock 
Now over to my sister, as she reflects on Holi... then and Holi.. now

Holi.....hmmm I remember Holi as in my schooldays ,the festival of colors, drenching in water, having loads of sweets snacks ,house hopping, changing wet clothes from time to time, having fun with friends, no studies, entertaining guests and taking ages to scrub clean at the end of the day. The fun filled day with loads of excitement has now become a memory for me. Presently staying in UK with my family and with very little friends around, Holi is just another day for me.

My sister with her daughter, Sneha
Right now, my 6 year old daughter is trying to get the essence of this festival from Indian movies and television. And on the special occasions, I try to recreate the festive atmosphere in the house by cooking simple desserts such as Roshogollar Payesh, a sweet dish that Maa used to make for us in the good old days...

This is an uncomplicated recipe for those like me who are compelled to be in the kitchen every single day.....
Roshogollar Payesh
Recipe by Sanghamitra Nag
  • 1 litre whole milk
  • 6 medium sized rosogolla (You can get tinned rasgulla at any Indian Store)
  • 3 small green cardamom
  • sugar, according to your taste
Cooking Directions
  1. Cut the Rasgulla/Rosogolla in half.
  2. Pour 1l of whole milk in a non stick deep pan add 3 cardamom (crush it a little ). Thicken the milk on low flame stirring every 5seconds till it reduces to 1/4 quantity . It should be very thick with no lumps.
  3. Then add sugar according to the taste .( Try to add less sugar since after this in the hot milk rasgullas will be added). 
  4. Add the rasgullas ,put of the flame within 5minutes or else the soft rasgullas may break.
  5. Cool it and serve.
Hope you enjoy! Have fun and HAPPY HOLI. 
Don't look back, enjoy the moments... they will never come back - Life is too short.


Thank you so much Didi, for promptly responding to my request and sharing this lovely recipe with us.

I shall be sharing this at the Swati's FR Event that I am hosting this month.

I shall also be sharing it at all these parties.


  1. wow; super tempting guest post :) i can imagine its taste dear :) lovely guest post by your sister :)
    happy weekend :)

  2. Very nice post, nice to see to your sister and her princess is cute. payesh is very delicious. It is very nice to share with favorite recipe event.


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