The photograph is a rangoli that Archana, Nabamita and Suvankar had made in front of a hostel in HRI for Diwali, 2005 most likely..

another four days to go before Diwali. but noone seems to be excited enough..... 
had i been at my Alma mater i probably would have been busy with the preparations... planning for the decorations and the lighting arrangements.. right now i am desperately missing the pre-Diwali-late-night-sessions with Archana, Priyotosh and Subho wherein creativity and gossip would go hand-in-hand accompanied by intermittent rounds of
adrak-wali-chai (ginger-tea)....
during Diwali, HRI is certainly the place to be.... 

smitten by nostalgia, i have decided to post some old photographs of Diwali celebrations at HRI throughout this week... so expect bright sparkling photographs in the next few days.... and here are some photos of Diwali celebrations in HRI, taken by Girish Kulkarni and Nishita Desai in 2008.

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