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in my previous post i had mentioned that i'll be posting photographs of Diwali-celebrations in HRI through the rest of the week. so is a photograph of two lamps that Archana, Shrobona and Ipsita had made last year at HRI.

aren't they simply gorgeous ! I love the peacock.. its so intricate... so beautiful... one can easily see how much effort had been put into making that lovely lamp... yet all the effort and all the hard work did not budge them from making eight such beauties....  only the superwomen of HRI could do anything so elaborate just for an evening !!

lamps lighting the entrance of hostel 2, HRI. 

I had finished my Ph.d by then and was at home for Diwali... so i couldn't be a part of this Diwali extravaganza.... but had i known in advance about their plans, i would have certainly made an effort to be there..... i am contemplating making such a lamp for my apartment this year. 3 days to go... will i be able to make it... wish me luck... i'll really need it to match it up to anything as beautiful as the ones displayed above !

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