at HRI- Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad

these past few years, 
while we were busy preparing for life.... 
nature indulged.... 
arranged several bouquets and played a symphony for us....

[HRI, hostel: image from ptwo's photostream, flicker ] 

there is nothing more refreshing than waking up to the chirping of the early birds every morning.
such a pleasure had been ours for the past six years. 
but being common occurrence it then had never meant much.
for in spite of  us the babblers came knocking and blabbering at our window sills every morning .
and the koels cooed from the high branches of the trees.

[Oriental White-eye Zosterops palpebrosus, HRI: image by Nishita Desai ]

and one did not have to be too lucky to see the peacocks play in ones backward in the early hours or in the evenings or see them dance when dark clouds covered the sky.
such was a campus i lived in for the past six years....

[15 July 2007, peacocks perched on the branches of the trees overlooking the students' study cabin, HRI: image by Archana Morye]

few days back a friend of mine mailed a recording of  "the music of HRI" as heard in the early hours of the day. and then it all came gushing back to me.... the memories of those past six years in the blessed green campus  of Harish-Chandra Research Institute along the banks of the Ganges....

[Kalidasa Point, HRI, the corner of the campus that overlooks the Ganges: image by Priyotosh Bandhyopadhay]

often on a Sunday morning like this, we would let life take a back-seat and let nature play... and when the sun would glare too harshly, we would rush back indoors, take refuge at our computer desk, work a little and wait for the sun to set...
for all at HRI knew too well that an evening by the Ganges is a phenomenon that cannot be  missed on a idle Sunday such as today....

[Along the Ganges at sunset on a Sunday in 2009]

[the music of HRI had been recorded by Girish Kulkarni of HRI in his voice recorder during the early hours of 4th May, 2010.]

[ p.s: Thanks Archana for mailing me "the music of HRI" and the photographs of the peacocks.]

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  1. Dear Tanusree,
    Got into your blog by accident, looking for pictures of HRI. I always knew that you were very artistic, but I did'nt know that you could write so well!
    Particularly the poems. I will follow your blog from now.
    How are things with you and Nishikant? Hope to see you when you visit here


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