Diwali extravaganza... HRI.

Vidhya apartment, HRI, 2008, photograph by Shubhaditya
I do not have very explicit memory of how I spent  Diwali before 2003. yes, 2003 is the year I got admitted in HRI and eversince Diwali has meant much more to me than it had ever meant before... This is how the two hostels in HRI look on Diwali....

Hostel 1, HRI, Diwali, 2006
My husband, Nishi spent his first graduate year in this hostel. His room was the the fourth door on the ground-floor....
Hostel 2, HRI, Diwali, 2006. This is the hostel where I used to live from 2003 to 2005, till I got married to Nishi...
till date, every year with equal enthusiasm, the first year graduate students of HRI collect funds for Diwali,  hand a part of it to Mewalalji, - who very diligently gets the diyas in advance, soaks them in water over night and then helps the students to line them up in the hostel corridors and on the road sides... so that they can all be lit up by 6 pm on  Diwali .

this morning my sis-in-law Sweta has come. i told her about my plans of making the paper lamps. she said she had done it before and volunteered to help me out with some of the finer-time-taking-details of the project. we'll go out shopping this evening and later at night we have plans to plunge into our lamp-project. hopefully things will go well and tomorrow i'll have some nice pictures to post... how are your preparations coming up... i hope you all are having a great time this festive season !

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