A Cake A Week #1 : Eggless Carrot Cake

Its been 3 years since I have been baking cakes. before Pradyot was born I used to bake a cake or a batch of muffins every Saturday. but things changed after he was born. during the first few months after his birth while my parents were still here i managed continuing with the weekly ritual. but once they left i found it almost impossible to meet the task. nevertheless for Pradyot's first birthday i wanted to bake the cake. and it was then that i realized that though i hadn't completely lost my cake-baking skills, there was a good deal of decorating skills that i had yet to pick up. so i decided on a self  improvement project 
A Cake A Week. 

As the name suggests, as part of this I'll be baking a cake every week, decorating it as best as i can and post its picture on Saturday, giving links to the recipe i followed and the guiding tutorials on cake decorating that i found useful. Herein I welcome your suggestions on eggless cake recipes that have worked for you and online  cake decorating tutorials that you have found useful. and in case you are a novice who is just as enthusiastic to work on her skills i would love to team up and work on this project together. simply drop in a line and from next time we can decide on the recipe and tips to follow and link each other up.

For Week #1 I tried Eggless Carrot Cake from Madhuram's Eggless Cooking.....

Well I have been following her blog and loving her recipes for the past three years. so obviously my first bake had to be from there. I followed her recipe word to word except for the fact that mine was not a vegan one. I used 1% milk instead of almond milk and for the frosting I used a whipped cream( 1 cup heavy cream whipped with   1/4 cup sugar) and Wilton's Ready to Use Decorating Icing Tube. For the tips on decorating, i followed the instructions that i had seen in a youtube video sometime back. but i had not pinned it so i cannot give the link this time. but i'll definitely do that from next week.
Hope you had a good start to your weekend. Around here we started by cooking up a delicious Italian dinner. More on that soon. till then....

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