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Motion Sickness is something we have had in our family. My mother had it when she was small... i have had it ever since i started school... and now our 16 month old son Pradyot has it.. So what do we do. well. for as long as I can remember Maa always kept a supply of anti-vomiting pills in her purse. and whenever the roads became  twisty she would pop in one and give me a half to save our day. however when Pradyot showed up with signs of motion sickness i looked for options that would not involve pills. because around here we don't like to resort to drugs unless it is absolutely necessary. so i asked my friends and relatives if they have faced a similar situation and how they dealt with it. my sister said that once inside the car/bus she tries to keep her daughter comfortable by taking off her outer wear. my aunt said that sucking on something sour might help. and on the internet i read that candied ginger helps... so that was that... 

the next thing i did was to take off Pradyot's jacket as soon as we were in the care and hand him a lollipop.... that hepled. immensely. every time  we were headed for a drive i would let Pradyot pick up a lollipop.  the first few times i limited his choice of flavours to sour-apple and oranges. but then i realized all of them are tangy enough.. so now i keep a supply of lollipops in the car and simply let him choose from the packet once we are inside... (making the choice also keeps him engaged for a while :)).

but then he gets bored of things too fast. so for back up, i have started carrying apples with me these days. apples that are slightly sour.. that helps too. moreover it feels much better to hand  him apples than candies. so now we have options and we are both doing good. 

and as for me i have started carrying ginger cookies coated with lemon marmalade and honey whenever we are headed for a long drive. these definitely help. also its nice to munch on something warm and gingery every once in a while....

Did you ever have to deal with motion sickness ? If so, what did you do? I'll love to hear.

Photograph above is of Kneeling female figure with a medicine bowl and child  that is on display in Yale University Art Galler, New Haven, CT. Nishi took it when we were there over the weekend.

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  1. Person with motion sickness ,must eat well,have a full stomach before boarding any vechicle. Even my daughter trys to throw upif she is travelling in an A.C car or bus.In any other bus or car ,with windows down she is fine. I have also given her lollipop after hearing from you.
    Nowdays i alsomake her eat just before boarding,and also i try to keep her distracted throughout the journey. Nowdays even i also have this.


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