Scenic Pennsylvania....

while my parents were here, that is, till K was 3 months old... we could hardly go out with him for a longer-than-fifteen-minutes-drive. he would shout, cry, scream, yell.... did all that he could to express his resentment towards the car-seat and its buckle. but with time he warmed up to the idea of being buckled up in the car-seat.. i guess the window-view did the trick.. anyway by the age of 6 months he started enjoying the rides... and would get excited whenever the car started.... that is when we decided to take our first long road trip. Pittsburgh to Moorsetown, NJ. as far as K was concerned... the ride was pretty smooth. with 3 breaks strategically taken we reached NJ happy and safe. it was during that trip that we realized for the first time how green and beautiful the State of Pennsylvania is. but since our camera wasn't accessible at that time... we deferred taking the photographs till our latest trip from DC to Pittsburgh.... as one can guess... all these were taken while our little one was completing his morning nap and his daddy was driving the car at the permissible speed of 55-65mph....

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