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just yesterday i had been planning a tea-party for our friends here and cursing our moody oven for betraying us in such prime time. and the next thing you know is that there's a knock at the door.... and the maintenance guy walks in with a replacement of the oven. yay !! now i can make puffed pancakes for Sunday breakfast and delicious moist brownies and cupcakes for our friends.
and for now i'll leave you with some photographs of the kids on our blocks. all of these were taken on Saturday at a friend's place were we gathered for a potluck farewell dinner for Paromita-di !!
p.s. Pradyot is now 8 months old. and with his new antics he is pretty much the centre of the universe for Nishi, me and my parents.

pps: in the first party-photograph Kabeer and Pradyot are dressed in kurta and dhoti/pajama, an ethnic indian custom that my parents sent from India.

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