his last words...

it must have been a decade 
that I hadn't stepped outside that door.
with him lying in his corner of the bed,
and my days tuned to his mood and health...
this had begun to feel like home.
and I had no complains....

but last night they took him away
said, he breathed no more, whizzed no more
heard me no more....
then in words less harsh they let me know
that I too should leave,
they needed me here no more...

they helped me gather my remains-
layer the summation of my life
in two bags-a case and chains..
paid me the monthly wage;
and asked the driver to drive me to the bus-station
from where the buses would take me to my destination-
-my home from where the master had brought me hence
several decades ago...

But as the bus embarked the rickety-roads
a strange hollowness grabbed me whole...
fuzzy faces of  dear ones flashed across
reminding how wretched it is to be alive yet alone...
And just when I thought I would choke to my end
from the green-alleys my master echoed....
loud and clear in his heavy voice -
like the other day   I heard him recall......
''Grow old along with me!    Amy!
 The best is yet to be ...''

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