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i do not entertain email-forwards too much. but few days back i received one from my friend Rachna, which came with the added note.... "please dont miss it"  in bold ! since, a love stories are one of my favourite things i immediately started to read. It was an absolutely fascinating love story of  Narayan Murty, the founder-chairman of Infosys Technologies and his wife Sudha Murty.... how they met and set out on their journey together..... the mail was an excerpt from Sudha Murty's Autobiography.

Narayan Murty and Sudha Murty
i immediately knew that i had to share it on the blog. so ....heres a love story dedicated to all the lovely ladies who have unconditionally loved their men, stood by them through all odds and helped them live their dreams....

Have a wonderful weekend .. and..   please please please dont forget to read  this beautiful  fairy tale !!

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