a bored me speaking .....

In the presence of the opinionated ones,
I still wear the blase look
and sometimes moderate the rudeness
with a  hint of a fading smile ..
there are too many people i meet everyday....
the kind who have a lot to say...
    a lot about almost everything under the wide open sky...
from some i learn about things i care 
    while the rest just load me with their opinionated shares ...

i usually have nothing much to say.
i prefer to hear.
smile sometimes,
sometimes laugh aloud at their jokes
but mostly i wear a demure look with a fading smile around the nook.

to some, my non-indulgence can be a bother ...
but i prefer it this way...
for i do not want to be he-
 - he who has something to say on why, how, whom, when and what
     of every question that comes his way...

~ a bored T

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