a debate...

its about 20 degree centigrade in Bangalore today and i have a terrible cold.

there is no geyser in the bathroom of the guest-house room where i have been accommodated.

i have been told that after letting go of two buckets of water, hot water will fill up the third one. 

so i have left the tap open for quite sometime now.

right now the fifth bucket is getting filled and the water isn't lukewarm yet ! 

today is a cloudy day and the weather report tells me that it has been like this for a while.
i believe the sun has gone for a short vacation and so the solar heaters here have decided to revolt.

in a situation like this, the effort of saving electricity seems rather farcical.... 
wasting a depleting resource to save another.... doesn't that sound like a bad bargain ??

perhaps while engineering this building the architect had thought,
'"when the sun goes on vacation, the inhabitants must follow or else
call in sick and lie in bed with high temperature and doses of heavy sedatives ??"

[image by google search]

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