Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northern Germany situated along the river Weser. Last summer work took me there for a week and amidst the busy schedule of our program we found enough time to explore into the beauty of the city.

Well, Bremen is the only European city I have been so far. So the clear blue sky, the huge ports and the magnificent buildings around St. Peter's Cathedral charmed me immensely. These were however the things that I had expected to see in the city with such long standing history.  What struck me the most was the effort that the residents of Bremen take to beautify their window sills. I had been absolutely charmed by the window decorations and pretty gardens of the houses that stood across the street.  While there,- I always felt an urge to peep into those houses to see what lay on the other side of the laced-curtains and lovely orchids that adorned the window-sills.

At Once Upon A Tea Time ... Designer Stories one such beautiful house in Bremen has been featured recently. That reminded me of the set of pictures of  the decorated-windows and a lovely backyards that I had taken there. Since me and mother  share our love for beautiful houses and charming interiors, this was a gift I had got for her from Bremen.

With autumn knocking at the door, i thought that the time is perfect to post few Bremen-window-photographs !

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