A Birthday Wish !!

I turned 32 today !! and of the near and dear ones who wished me 
some asked what i wanted for my birthday.

so here is a poem i scooped out of my treasury today... 
for this and your company is all i wish for my birthday !!

If ever you wish to gift me a thing
a windy evening with careless rustling 
would be fine.

If ever you wish- 
a sunny morning at the break of dawning 
and, a greening mizzling 
would be fine. 

Not that I am asking- 
just a silent longing 
and, a desire deep clinging 
it is...... 

Better it would be  
if you could give me- 
Not the riches of the queen, 
nor a prince, -tall and charming, 
but just a little spare time 
To sail to my dream.

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