my drama queen NOKIA...

my long work-vacation just begun. today at dawn i took the train from chennai and set off for bangalore. i'll be in bangalore for 2 weeks, after that i am headed towards my alma mater ! Haa !! even the thought of staying away from the chennai-heat makes me feel so relaxed!

in anticipation of this long vacation, i indulged in a lot of cooking the past few days. we, flat-mate and me, cooked simple as well as exotic dishes, following recipes from where ever we could get... Kevin's  Closet Cooking  however remained our favourite. the whole idea behind all the cooking was that our otherwise well-stocked fridge had to be emptied ! and that we almost managed. however in all this cooking-business my mobile, which i hold close to my ears for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day, got neglected. so, the other day, while lying unattended for awhile, when its sorrow swelled,  unable to repress its emotions any more,  it dived into my broccoli-soup attempting suicide. oh! how terrible it was ! it stopped speaking and went completely silent and for sometime it showed no signs of life. nothing would help. and it was a full twenty-four hours before it completely recovered and i heard through it again. it was such a relief to hear it ring the next evening !! 

Long Live thee NOKIA !! cheers to thy recovery !!

after this episode i have decided never to neglect my Nokia any more... in fact i have now rescheduled my day such that there is always sometime for a long phone call weather near or far away !!

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