added to my wishlist !!

when there is too much to do... and not all towards the same end... my mind drifts.  so ignoring the glares of  two open books and the black-board(actually a green-board) in my cabin, this afternoon, over lunch, i began to watch the Bengali movie, The Japanese Wife. It is an unusual romantic tale of a Japanese lady and a Bengali man, who without meeting each other, fall in love and get married through the letters they write and the gifts they exchange.  (the movie is beautiful and deserves a separate post. so more about it later...)

but there was this shot in the movie that triggered in me a desire to own a polaroid.
oh.. how i wish i had a polaroid to click photographs on and off
photographs with grainy textures wearing a blandish-yellow color, which i would have to blow into to see the moment captured !
oh ! how i wish .............

[image from weheartit]

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