A New Favourite...

i have a new favourite. the movie called Chocolat 
i am in love with it and i am in love with Vianne in it.
i adore her passion, her conviction in what she believes is the purpose of her being.
i love her love to ignite the passion, the zest for life in others  through her chocolat and cocoa drinks...
and i love the way  Roux looks at her every time she hands him a chocolat,-  claiming it is his favourite...
and he turns down saying "Very good... but not my favorite." 
i love Anouk's pet Bantufh .... i simply love the movie and cannot seem to get over it....
i have been rewinding and replaying my favourite scenes which are too many to be listed here. 

Nevertheless here is a trailer of Chocolat and in case you haven't seen it already make sure that you grab a copy of the movie soon
... and in case you have seen it before you know well enough that you wouldn't mind watching it once more... 

i think my love affair with Chocolat will last for a while 
for i cannot get over the look in Roux's eyes nor can i get over his understanding smile... 
Oh, Depp !  you do this to me every single time !

[Just in case you did not know already, in this new favourite of mine, 
Juliette Binoche plays Vianne, Johnny Depp plays Roux, Victoire Thivisol plays Anouk and Bantufh is Anouk's pet kangaroo ]

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