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It was my third visit to naturals ice-cream parlour... The last two times I had been accompanied... but this time it was unplanned...  lets say, after the episodes of the day i needed a break to lift my spirits and i thought that an ice-cream treat is best qualified for the job in the list.... so i walked into the parlour unaccompanied....

naturals  is an ice-cream franchise which prides in introducing seasonal-fruit-flavoured ice-creams with intriguing toppings of fruity-flavoured-jellies, cashews, shredded-carameled-nuts, honey and a variety of exotica besides the usual choco-chips, cherries and black-current crushes.... On my earlier visits I had tried their custard-apple, musk-melon, watermelon and papaya flavours and each of them was great! Today I tried two freshly introduced flavours of the season, anjir (i.e fig) and mukkani ( which is a trio of mango-jackfruit-banana). I tried a small helping of the first and then settled for two big scoops of the mukkani-flavoured one topped with a generous helping of nuts, raisins and honey...and DIVINE is all i can say !

.... and while my scoops soothed me and  busied themselves in wiping  memories of my ugly day, it occurred to me that I have finally learnt to love and enjoy the time I spend with myself !! for earlier, whenever I was faced with a similar situation the ever-so-self-concious me would end up hurrying through my order in awe of being the focus of weird glances ... but this time i just sat there with my cup of ice-cream... peeping at their selections and smiling back at them... as if approvingly !!   i guess i am gradually learning to balance "being introvert with being sociable " and i am loving this....

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