Have a relaxing weekend !!

With a summer school coming up next month and two conferences lined up after that, there is very little besides work that I have on my mind. The summer school is on Modular Representation Theory and in preparation for it,  we (me and another participant from my institute) have decided to complete a considerable portion of J. L. Alperin's book on Local Representation Theory and parts of  J. P. Serre's book on Linear Representations of Finite Groups.

Well,  in case you are reading this post,  you might be wondering why I am blogging about my work plans in such details....... The reason is that printed words inspire me a lot... and earlier whenever I have blogged about my weekend plans, just to keep up with my words, I have struggled really hard to accomplish my goals. so I am hoping that by blogging a bit about my work plans I will be able to drive myself into doing all that needs to be done !!

Hope you are all doing great at your work front and achieving all your goals... Have a relaxing weekend so that you are well prepared to dive into work on Monday ! Math and movies relax me a lot... so to relax myself i have booked myself for  a Saturday-matinee and for the rest of the weekend i have committed myself to math !!

so much from me... good-bye,
take care and tell me what you are up to if you have some time to spare....

[image: “Woman reading in a Garden” by Mary Cassatt ]

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