The World fascinates me....

    With my fascinations to take care of,
this weekend flew by rather fast ..
   and now... the Monday morning blues...
.. they are impeding in the way of my work....
not letting me attend to them much..

I need to be caffeinated...              
  revived and rejuvenated ....
I need to get started at work...
 'Tis Monday Morning...  Oh,- God !!

[image from http://www.art.com/gallery/id--a76/andy-warhol.htm]


  1. one should always start the day caffeinated ... and warhol ;)

    at my favorite used book shop back home in texas, i found a book i HAD to have...warhol's nudes. The bookshops (3 seperate buildings) was scattered in this little gem of a small texas town called Archer City. The owner was an acclaimed Novelist, Larry McMurtry (known for his Pulitzer Prize Lonesome Dove and co-writing the screenplay adaption for Brokeback Mountain). I loved driving there on a weekday morning i had off and browsing.

    Talk about a way to be rejuvinated.

    ps. i love your niche!

  2. browsing through used book shops are always so great... and specially so when that shop is owned by a Novelist... WOW !! lucky you !!


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