In the eyes of the beholder......

A consequence of Einstein's theory of relativity says that two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion. An over-simplified non-precise understanding of the aforementioned statement simply amounts to saying that the way we see things depend on the frame we perceive it from relative to our motion. Ever since its evolution, this idea has brought a revolution in our perception of the way of the world and we are still building on our understanding of the far reaching consequences of this theory. In this regard there was a talk in our institute today. and while was attending a strange idea struck me..... 

      what if ?????

WHAT IF ......    I was told one day that the hypothesis of relative motion in the theory of special relativity was redundant, 
                that is,  each person corresponds to a different frame of reference... irrespective of their relative motion  and ...  

"   if I were to see me through your eyes 
 and hear me through your ears

 i would look different, sound different, 
be a totally different me !! "

     In such a world would i still recognize myself or would i be a stranger to myself ?

It is said that  apparently Van Gogh's style of painting  was not merely a style ....     it was the way he saw the things around.......

eerie isn't it ???

[image: Vincent van Gogh - Shoes, by google search]

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