i do not care nomore....

i used to be complacent .... and then i was not....
  i accept the blame for that...
   i let them interfere way too much 
 ........ and let their views tear me apart...

each time when life was falling into place
    and i fancied good times were ahead
i sought their judgment and at times shared my joy ...
unfailingly, each time they analyzed me harshly
...... left me lost, left me distressed and dissatisfied.....

so i have resolved to cut myself from the lot
   cut myself from those whose opinions bother but do not matter much
lead a simple but orderly life 
   in a world full of abstractions,    full of  trees, flowers, and butterflies...
in a world where i will work from dawn to night
     work towards my dreams,
                       work to my dearies and my delight !!

[image from weheartit]

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