"Do you ever dream..

Forrest, about who you're gonna be? "                    

Forrest Gump: Who I'm gonna be? ......

Jenny Curran: Yeah.

Forrest Gump:  Aren't-aren't I going to be me?

At times I wish I could move on with no memories of all those years that took away my innocence, my confidence, my trust and my faith from me... I wish those cynicisms hadn't touched me as deeply as they did... and their shadows would let me be.. just  for a while....

For just a little while  I wish  I could   un-educate myself, abandon the prejudices and be a little wild, a little uncivilized....
For just a little while  I wish  I could be a pure and simple me 
Embracing life and all around  less critically, more spontaneously and a lot more endearingly
For just a little while  I wish....
                      ...I wish I could dare to be me !

 [image from Forrest Gump by google search]


  1. Today I was reading one short essay, similar to these. It is in Marathi. I am trying to translate it here:

    We don't keep our face as a face. We makes it a mask. According to people behaviour, or what people want; that way we make mask. And then we wear that mask and lead a life. After a while that mask fixes on the face so badly that we can't see our real face. Not even in a mirror nor in photo. And our face buried beneath that mask. Only somebody who is luck can overcome and again could see he/her face.

    My translation is not good, but I hope you will at least get right meaning of it.

  2. i see the point. makes a lot of sense...


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