missing the innocence..

..... that I was mine, a very long time ago............

I received a message today that made me miss my  former self of  ten or eleven .. or even smaller...
I thought I'll share bits of the forwarded mail with all of you....

i want to go back to the time
when innocence  was natural, not fake .
when dad  was the only hero,  not Depp or Tom.
when love  was ma's hug, not the boy-friends'.
   when your worst enemies  were your siblings, not your boss.
when the only thing that could hurt  were bleeding knees,
not the tears falling down your cheeks.

.....and when good-byes  meant till  tomorrow,
not for years  &  years 
and certainly not forever......

[6.11.2013 : updated with images of my son. ]

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