Subho Bijaya & Weekly Menu Plan

Subho Bijaya to all ! 

Today is Bijaya Dashami, the day when the festivities for this years puja ends and the wait for next years Durga Puja begins...Right now most Indians are probably returning back from the ghats(river banks) closest to their localities after immersing Ma Durga's idol in the waters.... Cries of  "Aschi Bochor Abar Hobe" and "Durga Mai ki Jai"(Glory to the goddess) still resounding in the air....

Sitting here in our apartment in NY, I am feeling nostalgic and dearly missing my family and friends... as i shuffle through the photographs from previous pujas and recount all the good times we have had...

We did go to Washington for the pujas. though the chantings happened and the little one enjoyed drumming "the dhak", nothing felt the same. It wasn't the Puja of my childhood. it wasn't the puja of my memories.. 

Hopefully next year around this time ... we'll be at home and gleefully   exchanging Bijaya greetings, hugging our friends, touching the feet of the elders for blessings and blessing the young ones with all our hearts...Really puja or for that matter life in general life does not feel quite the same unless you are with your family and loved ones....

Hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends... Once again my heartiest Bijaya greetings to all and lots of love and blessings to the young ones....

Now returning to my life here... a quick glimpse at this week's menu. Its a simple menu this week since i'll be busy preparing my toddler's birthday party. He turns two on Wednesday !!

  This Week's Menu Plan



Pumpkin Souffle and Persimmon Salad


Moong Dhal, Beans Paruppu Usili, Carrot Pacchadi, Steamed Rice


 Spanish Baked Chicken with Arroz Mexicano


Beetroot Burgers Sliders with Greens, Breaded Baked Tilapia for toddler, Colcannon


Mediterranean Pasta with Chicken Meatballs


Birthday Party for Pradyot !

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  1. Memories are always worth a lot, very nice pictures, Hope you had a wonderful celebrations. Love your menu.


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