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Its getting nice and crispy around here.. a reminder that the good sunny days will soon be gone. while the good weather lasts I have been trying to squeeze some time out everyday to spend outdoors. a little walk in the neighborhood ... some "me-time" just to release the daily stress and shed off some calories ....  

since i weaned the little one off and started blogging food, keeping a check on my weight has not been easy. while i was becoming wary of the gradual weight gain, i had not realized how much i was putting on on a regular basis. and then one day i realized... the sudden realization was frustrating. after brooding and fretting over it for a while i decided to consciously do something about it... 

on first impulse i tried crash dieting. but that lead to further weight gain, since i craved for a quick relief when the hunger pangs struck. then i tried conscious eating. that is, i tried eating more raw than cooked food, eating gluten free food and snacking on fruits instead of cookies or cakes. while that helped plateau the weight gain curve, it did not slope it down. so i had to resort to more rigorous routines... and began going to the gym...

for the last few days, I have been going to the gym regularly. I do a moderate gym routine on alternative days and on the days when my son is at home i jog him to the park and do free hand exercise there while he is enjoys himself in the swing or in the slides. while my efforts have not yet been reflected in the weighing-machine, it has certainly made a difference in other fronts. lately, I feel a lot less stressed, more energized and somewhat happier and more content..  taking the time out to care a little for myself on a everyday basis has been mentally uplifting. even my son seems to be enjoying my baby steps towards fitness. he always shouts at me saying, "run, mamma, run..." whenever i tend to pace down on our way to the park....

thought i'll share my experience with you.. inspire you a little perhaps... just in case you have been holding back from regular exercise and some "me-time" thinking that it is selfish to take as good care of yourself as you have been taking of your family and loved ones ....

 Weekly Menu Plan 29/9 -5/10/2013   
SundayAngel Hair Pasta with PW's Spaghetti Sauce
Homemade Chicken Patties with Homemade Beer- glazed Buns(recipe coming up)

MondayDorie's Nicoise Salad with Bread, Dessert
Aloo Paratha with dhal
Dal with Green Beans and Aloo Posto with Steamed Rice

WednesdayEscarole and White Beans with Vegetables and Bread


Kitchen on Holiday*
Kitchen on Holiday*

SaturdayKitchen on Holiday*

* Thursday onwards we are taking a little holiday to enjoy the fall colors in White Mountain, NHMore on that next week..

Take Care and have a good week !


  1. Lovely write up, as I also gained lots of weight, will try to follow you dear.

  2. lovely post dear :) and an healthy menu plan !!


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