Happy Tourism day !!

Did you know that  since 1980, 27th September has been celebrated as World Tourism Day ? Well I didn't till my friend Neelmani from Wandering shoes mentioned it on FB and I googled to dig a little more into the facts... So wishing you all a very happy Tourism Day... and with those of you who are stuck at home like me and are making travel plans for the forth coming holidays.... I would like to share some photographs of our first travelling venture with Pradyot ... 
when Pradyot was 4 months old, Nishi got  invited to attend a meeting at University of Utah. Unwilling to stay by myself with our little boy, we piled along.... and I am so glad that we did. for the campus of University of Utah is breathtakingly gorgeous and with the Utah weather particularly kind on us, we had the first wonderful vacation as a family of three.. 
In all, we stayed in SLC for 4 days. we put up in the university guest house for the first three and a half days.  there, while Nishi was busy with the academic chores,  Pradyot and I followed almost the same routine each day. A early leisurely breakfast in the dining place overlooking the Salt Lake city valley...  followed by a morning stroll along the Fort Douglas Blvd, before the fresh air soothed Pradyot to his morning nap... then a light lunch... and some more strolling  and mother-son-mirror-photo-sessions... while we waited for Nishi to join us for our evening stroll and a snacky dinner.

On our last day in the city, half way through the day, we moved from the campus to Hyatt Place in Downtown Salt Lake City. Ours was a nice  cozy hotel room with a view of the snow capped Wasatch mountains.
it was there that daddy and son finally got to catch up with some vacation time before mamma roped them both in for some window shopping at the Gateway Mall.
The mall was within walking distance from our hotel and since it was my first big outing in a long time, that afternoon, i  spent an obscene amount of time wandering about the streets....  trying out previously unexplored cuisines and window shopping in all the exquisite stores that i hadn't been to before...
 also for keepsake, the basketball fan in Nishi insisted that we take pictures of us with the Utah Jazz as the backdrop :)
and it should obviously be noted here that that afternoon i was able to wander at my heart's content for our baby boy decided that he needed a long nap and let his mamma and bappa be.....
So ThanK YoU  baby boy for being such a darling all along.... and making our first  vacation together so lovely, enjoyable and special  !! 

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