Atlantis Marine World

Ever since we moved to NY, we have been spending all our weekends shopping... grocery, furniture, clothes, grocery and more grocery.... so last weekend we decided on a picnic to the Atlantis Marine World... Since K is extremely fond of this Baby Beluga song, we had assumed that the sight of the seals, sea lions, sharks and colourful fishes would excite him and broaden that gorgeous smile of his...

but instead he got a little wary and somewhat scared of all the frisk movements.  in fact the only creatures that he was able to look directly into the eyes were the piranas, starfishes and the jelly fishes.
 i guess he is much too little to realize that the creatures in the tanks were in fact the living forms of the cartoons he adores so much...
however Nishi and i had great time there and we decided to take Pradyot back to the aquarium once he is a little older... may be one or two years down the line.... when this wriggly baby of our grows into a little dare devil... and his mom summons enough courage to get a kiss from the sea lions :)

hope you had a fun weekend and a wonderful start to the week.. thanks for visiting..
take care ♥♥♥

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