the fourth

Though Indians ourselves..... ....because it was a holiday and we have a cute little American boy... this year.. we decided to indulge in the spirit of the fourth of July. i had dreamt of greeting our friends Happy 4th with home-made choco-chip muffins in red-blue-white cupcake liners and some sparklers.
however not much of my dreams materialised... and what we really ended up doing was to drive to Pittsburgh-downtown wearing our American-flag tees...
 park our car somewhere in the 9th street and walk down three blocks ......
to Point State Park, where most of the locals had gathered for the final day of the 35th EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta  and the 4th of July fireworks. 
At the Regatta, amongst other things the Powerboat Championship caught our fancy...
 besides this intricate and massive sand sculpture which was an absolute centre of attraction.
most of the evening our boy was happy... shouting and cheering with the crowd.
but by the time the fireworks begun he was totally exhausted  and the last thing he probably wanted was the noise of the fire-crackers. so  half-way through the show we had to leave :(
  nevertheless we enjoyed the day and hope to plan the next fourth a little better than this one...

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