baby & us

hi !! how have you been ? the three of us..... baby, nishi and i have been really busy... nishi had deadlines to meet... i have had baby to cuddle and take care of ... and baby had been busy practising and perfecting the art of rolling over and eating his toes :) Pradyot has also begun to enjoy the rhythm of a handful of  nursery rhymes that i keep singing to him... so the past week was filled with a lot of sing-song baby-mommy time ..... and lot of giggly baby-daddy ticklefests :)

and here are some of the more endearing moments from the past week......

1. curious baby checking out his walker...
2, 3. playing with favourite toy... his feet :)
4,13.  in his crib...
5,6,7. daddy-mommy time
8. haha... its a new day !!
9. yay, daddy is home :D :D
10. what next  ???
11,12. sunday bath time with bapa...
14. us

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