baby & us : week 18

i should have started this archiving 18 weeks ago... when our lives changed completely with the birth of our baby boy.... but better late than never... so from now on.. i'll update you through pictures on our baby boy.. and share with you some of my favourite moments from the week that went by.....

  • baby, his tigro and polar bear
  • baby with spidey and tigro
  • with sophie the teething giraffe
  • in his first pair of shoes (we got them from totsy.... and so far haven't managed to keep them on the little man's feet for too long... he just won't keep them :( )
  • with daddy on sunday (its was a lovely sunny day... so the three of us were out in the streets till baby got tired and fretted for his cosy crib.)
  • with mommy on tuesday... (baby got his 4 month vaccination that day... assuming that he will cry his guts out like last time daddy had taken the day off... but baby surprised us by staying quite and happy... so a photo shoot with mamma followed that evening :) )
  • His Majesty in His high chair !! (his CHAIR got delivered last week... but the doc said NO solids for another 6 weeks :()
  • YAY !! its friday night :D :D (we went to a quiet mexican place for dinner... and really liked it there... note to self : remember to carry the camera when you visit the place again.)
  • hmmm.....(just a lazy afternoon when baby's mood interfered with his nap time)
  • my favourite shot from sunday ....
  • in his crib...
  • ;P (love him in this t-shirt and sweat pants... we got them from children's place/osh-kosh-bigosh last week.)
  • Us ( 2.26.2012 )

hope you had a lovely weekend and a wonderful start to the week......

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