Introducing our tiny bundle of joy.... our son Pradyot !!

In the early hours of 16th Oct, 2011 we were blessed with our son Pradyot !! the sound of his cry almost made me weep in the OT table and  all of hubby's worries instantly vanished the moment the nurse brought our tiny little man to him for a quick peek.....

Life for us (husband, me, my parents) have changed in many ways in the past two weeks...the days of the week  constantly tend to get muddled... two hours of uninterrupted sleep seem like luxury.. poop and pee diaper count seem like the most important count in the world and the clock always seems to be in a hurry to keep pace with the feeding timings... but  inspite of it all...  a wi....de-complacent grin never fails us the moment we walk into our baby's room...such is the effect of this beautiful blessing on us :) :)

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