Gulacha Ganapati

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !! 

It is the day when people all over India celebrate Vighna Vinashak Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. I had wished to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in my own way.... so throughout the day i laboured over a piece of art of the almighty. but my portrait of Ganesha did not get done in time.. so i had to defer posting it for a while....

But while i was on FB I came across this awesome Gulacha Ganapati  by Shriram Kelkar.... A murti of Ganapati carved out from Jaggery !! Starting from scratch, it apparently took Shriram 8 - 10 hours to finish this amazing art work of the almighty !!!! He mentions that carving the ideal from gur is a family tradition that he has been following with much dedication. His wife who carved out Ganesha's vahan, the Mushika, mentions that as Gur(jaggery) tends to get soft and starts melting, Shriram had to constantly use rice flour to keep his hands from getting sticky. Kudos to Shriram and his wife !! this ideal certainly reflects your patience, talent and immense devotion to Lord Ganesha !!

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