Our Holga Portraits :)

my husbands love for the effects of the defects began few months back when he came across a number of websites that exhibited the Holga-ish effects.... at once he ordered for a Holga.... and soon enough got a few rolls and started clicking his way to glory... however, on account of work this passion of his had to take a back-seat for a few weeks in between and he finally finished his first roll in May and subsequently got it developed at Target photo counter....  however to our disappointment.. we realized that not only does this camera need practise :( but it also works best with customised editing...

so we worked on the trade over the next few rolls and finally got our desired Holga portraits :D  
don't they look GOOD ??

PS: the scanning process is on... so expect many more Holga photos in the days to come :):)

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