Though the life holds its treasures out ....

              To be enjoyed by everyone........
                   It is the lifted face that feels the shining of the sun..

nothing but the clatter of cups and spoons and the hissing of the cooker
mark my mornings.... yet i am bent on lending each day a character.
so without scorning the normality of the regular, i go ahead
and complete my chores,- one after another. - till all is done.
set the bed, fluff the pillows, lay the meals on the table-set. 
clean the surfaces bearing marks of yesterday, then read and write by the afternoons.
later with hair neatly set apart and in a dress ironed to the hem
i wait for husband to return and share his story of the day......
each day follows a routine just like the other.... 

yet the reading, writing and the cooking sets it apart.... 
besides... every night when i resign to bed
i rest myself with the realisation that i have grown a day wiser
and have come a day closer to you-  my love ...

[the title quoted from here]

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