Have a great weekend !

.... yet another week comes to an end... two more Fridays to go in-between and then i'll be home :D

on tenth december i am leaving chennai for good. the rounds of farewell parties and good-byes have begun and its time to start the shifting process... but i am not yet headed that way. my parents are coming here to help... so right now i am only procrastinating...

since this time i'll be moving to another country i am both excited and a-wee-bit nervous...
but we'll see... i am sure something wonderful is in store for me..

i am also excited about next weekend. for my dolly-darling Shruti baby will be here next Saturday to give chotoma a good-bye kissy....  O baby chotoma can't wait to see you again !

in india the festive season ends with Diwali... however with so many blog-posts on thanksgiving, i am still feeling a little festive at heart. so over the weekend i have decided to set my hands on a recipe or two from Kevin's Closet Cooking and also decorate my place a little with plants, flowers and lets see what else...
i might go site-seeing too... for the sun is shining bright after days of raining and is inviting me outdoors...

see you next week ... till then eat well, take care and have a great weekend !!

[photograph taken by Rajesh Gupta, HRI,2004]

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