A cute poem by smart little Akshita !!

The other day a friend called me over and treated me to this lovely poem by his niece Akshita....

If, I was a ‘bee’ 
I would fly
in the sky
Without feeling shy
With black and yellow stripes,
I’ll look hi-fi!
All shall think what a smart guy!
I shall work as if crazy
Never ever being lazy
All around the flowers shall I buzz!
On bee tune the flowers shall jazz!
The flowers and the bee
Make the world such beauty.
They help us make honey,
We help them make family.                                                                                      
With honey and hive
That’s how I shall thrive
But why men want it all,
Giving us death call?
To get some money
They take our honey
But no, if I was a bee
I won’t let it be-
I shall make a bee army
To sting each and every enemy
Long live the bee family.

Ahhh..... isn't that adorable !!

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