Happy Monday Morning !!!

Hope you had a fun-filled-relaxing weekend.... I had a wonder time... caught up with some old friends, did all the washing-cleaning-ironing and rearranging that I wanted to do and then froze my first lemon cheesecake... This was my guiding recipe for the cake. but i slightly modified the ingredients to suit my supplies.... and the result was a nice yummy, creamy cheesecake with a perfect crust... BLISS !!  [ well there is still a little bit of the perfection shelved in our refrigerator.  in case you are in town(i.e. Chennai) ... drop by.... you are invited.  and i promise you will not regret. :) ]

So that was the story of my weekend........ and right now i am finding it rather difficult to overcome the inertia of all the fun and settle down at my desk.... so i had been checking out stuff on Etsy and this is my find of the day....

 Breakfast Club Print  from  Dial M for Michele.

I love this print,  for at breakfast each morning my mind races back and forth through all the frames portrayed.... 
What about yours ? Doesn't it do the same ?

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