let the weariness pass......

i love this photograph !! it is the header of the Indian railway website.

fills me with nostalgia... reminds me of the good old days... when i used to wait for the vacations...  and when they began, curled up by my mother's side, traveled miles and miles by train to go to my cousins' place... what fun the holidays used to be!

now cousins have settled in places where the trains cannot take me ... but this picture is making  me wander lusty and i wish to travel.  travel perhaps to the hills to escape from this dreary heat ... or perhaps to the unknown terrains where the romance in the air will soothe me, refresh me,  and cure me of this weariness .... let it wither away...

p.s:   i am traveling today early morning.  going to my dear niece Shruti's place for this weekend ....... what are your plans ?  have a wonderful lo....ng weekend ! take care, tata !

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