For over a decade I have been shifting base
the addresses change in the letters sent to me..
In the beginning all this was exciting,
rather indulging -- made me feel important,
a little special sometimes.
But now my volitions have begun to trade loyalties...
We don't want to move they fuss...
Moving is not as enticing they chafe.....
Tis unsettling they fret.

Now I wish to settle down...
Have a bed to wake up into at the break of each day,
have a place called 'home' to go back to each evening,
have a family around to cook for, care for-
tell my stories to at the end of each day.

This life was my choice.
I love my job and chose it thus. 
Yet now I crave to be home-bound.

[image 2 is by p. bandhyopadhay]

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