Tricolor Tie n Dye Tees # St. Patrick's Day

We aren't Irish but just because it was fun, until last year, we would unfailingly don our tricolor tees and drive down to the nearest Irish locality to watch the St Patrick's day parade. Not that our tees were ever seen.. since there were layers of sweaters and coats to cover..  but we wore them nevertheless...

Why our tri-color tees ?? Well... you see we had dyed them for the Indian Independence day but then since the Indians and the Irish share the colors in their flags, we made it a tradition to wear them even for St. Patrick's day. 

Do these nations have a semblance beyond the colors in their flags... Well. yes. Besides their love for potatoes and the fact some of the best schools in India were founded and are still taken care of by Catholic societies from Ireland, at some point in history we were both ruled by the British and had a similar fight against the colonial rule. It is well known that our national leaders at that time were in touch and it is said that "many of the provisions of the constitution of India were drawn from their Irish counterparts." I guess these are some of the reasons why Indians in Dublin feel at home and a good many celebrate St Patrick's Day...  

Now about the tees... these are really simple to make and as corny as it may look, it is always a pleasure to wear them out :)

DIY: Tricolor Spiral Tie n Dye Tees
 materials needed

t- shirt
2 medium squeeze bottle
Orange and Green Fabric Dye*
Disposable gloves
plastic packets to keep the dyed t-shirt
long plastic sheets such as a picnic tablecloth (for spreading on the work surface)

  how to dye the tri-color spirals

Spread a plastic sheet on your work space.
Lay out a pre-washed, slightly wet but not dripping t-shirt on the work space.

Identify the center or the spot round which you want the spiral. Pinch a bit of the fabric around that point and begin wrapping the fabric around that point.

Continue wrapping until your fabric looks a cinnamon roll. 
Then using rubber bands hold the fabric in that shape.

Don your disposable gloves. 
Using the instructions on fabric dye pack, prepare the green and orange dyes.

Now squeezing the bottles, apply the dyes as shown in the picture....

Put the dyed tees in a plastic bag and set them aside for 24 hours.

Next day remove them from the bag and wash the tied tees under cold running water to remove excess dye.  Then take off the rubber bands and wash the tees with warm water.

Finally set them to dry and try them as soon as they dry off :) 

 Reference : Dharma Trading.com 

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  1. It shows your sincerity to the country you lives in. That is so nice of you to share the method dying the tees. They look absolutely lovely with these colours.


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