Midnight-Weekend Project : Bleached Tees for the family...

Midnight-Weekend Project is a new series i am starting on Ma Niche. I'll be sharing here with you some easy and fun projects that you can work on as a family... I call it Midnight-Weekend Projects because that is when husband and I feel enthusiastic enough to work on such projects. if you have a toddler in the house you probably know why weekend midnights are best suited for such projects :-)

the first one up in the series is the bleached tees that we made for us for the 4th of July ! I know we celebrated 4th of July a few weeks back but I figured that I'll probably never get around sharing our bleached tees with you unless i do it today... so here it is for you... the bleached "star" tees that we made for the 4th of July.

i spotted the  bleached-tee-tutorial at Naptime-Creations a while ago. and immediately afterwards tried to make a batman t-shirt for my superhero crazy husband. my first attempt did not work.

and only now i realized that I had not followed the instructions properly. I had used a plastic board instead of a wooden one and that might have been the real problem. anyway in our  second attempt we got around our problem by using paper towel between the t-shirt and the board and finally managed to bleach our 4th of July tees just in time !!

DIY : Bleached Tees !
 materials needed 
 felt cloth
Clorox bleach
spraying bottle
paper towel
board for supporting the t-shirt

  how to bleach tees

fill the spray bottle with 70 % bleach and 30 % water.

cut out the design that you want on the felt cloth...

 make the board wear the t-shirt ( this is to make sure that the bleach does not seep into the other side) ;  put the felt cut out on top and sandwich the paper towels between the t-shirt and the board just underneath the area that you wish to bleach. the paper towels absorb the extra bleach thereby making sure that it does not leak and spread beyond the design/pattern.

now spray away.

when the bleaching looks done that is the uncovered portions look bleached enough remove the t-shirt from the board. holding it under a running tap wash the bleach thoroughly. then hang it and let it dry. the more meticulous ones might want to machine wash the t-shirts but we did not do that. as a consequence the colors looked a little more faded after the t-shirts dried.

    this is how we made our tees... note that same colored t-shirts might bleach differently. as you can see our son's Navy blue t-shirt bleached to reveal pinkish stars while ours (as you can see above) bleached to reveal orange-ish ones. 

    we got his t-shirt from Old navy and ours from Michaels and as you can clearly see there is a distinct difference in the dyes used. so bleach and wait to be surprised !

    This is one of the easy and fun projects that husband and I did after our little one packed off for the night. I apologize for the poor picture quality. but that is the best I could capture under the challenging light conditions. hope you understand.

    Good Night ! have a fun weekend !

    p.s : more pictures of us in our tees here.


    1. That's a fun project Tanu. And all three of you are looking great. The little one has grown so much since I first came across your space :)

    2. Hi Tanu, wow... you're very creative. This is really fun and your T-shirt design look nice. Great family portrait.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

    3. Ahh, that must have be pure fun.. U are such an enthusiast & creative lady my dear :)

    4. This is really fun project .My son won't let me sleep through in the night still, so my nights are not fun.

    5. How fun!!
      Thanks so much for linking up at our Best Of The Weekend party! I have pinned this to our party board and we hope to see you back again when the party kick off at *PM EST.
      {PS - it was really hard to pin and comment because your site has a lot of pop ups and spam so you might have your web hosting company check that out for you!}


    Thanks for stopping by. It was nice having you here. Have a good day.

    Take care and come back soon.
    Best, Tanusree

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