Raphanus Sativus aka European Red Radish...

Red Radishes got included in our meal plan recently. i.e when i stumbled upon this easy and delicious   Salata recipe in a Greek Cookbook that I had borrowed from the library. Till then I simply admired the vibrance of their hue. don't they look gorgeous !!


My husband took these photographs and he likes the second shot (the horizontal one) more. but i like both. so sending both the black and white photographs to Black and White Wednesday #88. 

Black and White Wednesday is a Culinary Photography Event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, now organized by Cinzia of Cindystar and this week Sreevalli of  Ammaji Recipes is hosting it.

p.s : As most of you might have guessed, Raphanus Sativus is the scientific name of Red Radish. I found it on wiki when i was feeling all geeky and wanted to find out some facts about these veggies...

update : Priya, the second colored click is for you  :-), 6/21/2013


  1. Lovely clicks.

    today's post:

  2. Great shots and what an amazing color they have! I'm partial to that last click though - Wish you had put up a colored version of that one too :)

    1. Thanks Priya. updated the post for you :-)

    2. That was so sweet of you Tanu. Love the tone and colours in that one :)

  3. I grew up eating radishes fresh from the garden...my sisters and I would brush of the dirt with our fingers and munch on them right in our back yard. I love your gorgeous photos and the memories they evoke.

    PS...thanks for the sweet words on my blog :)

    1. it is always so nice to be able to eat fruits and veggies fresh from the garden. i too did that when i was small and it was so much fun :-)

      you are most welcome. your blog is indeed praise-worthy.


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