Sweet Strawberry Sop, an unsuccessful attempt (A Cake A Week : # 7 )

This week I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to bake. I knew I wanted to use strawberries. wanted to bake an eggless cake. and had at disposition 'n' number of recipes to choose from. but none of them pressed that note... you know what i am talking about ? None of the recipes were exciting enough. so i sat deliberating over my choices over the whole weekend, until i chanced upon Blueberry Boy Bait(BBB). Of course thats what I wanted to bake. but with strawberries instead of blueberries. and since BBB seemed like the catch-word, I coined my own name for the Strawberry bait.... decided to call it Sweet Strawberry Sop(SSS).  Now doesn't that sound like great ? well. i thought it did. and i was really excited about sharing this cake as part of my A Cake a Week Project. but then... damn.... the cake flopped. I had tried to squeeze too much batter into a little mold... thereby not giving the poor cake enough room to breathe and grow... so even after baking the cake for twice the mentioned time... my cake turned out to be a muddy mash.

at first the mash did make me a little sad. but then one bite into it and i was a happy "girl." not girl. well. happy mom. because even in its messy form the was delicious. not fluffy as it is supposed to be. more like a brownie in form. but delicious and addictive anyhow.

since my cake did not turn out to be the cake i had dreamt of, i'll skip the recipe this time. however I promise to share it with you by the end of the month... for today just some photos of my unsuccessful attempt and  two songs i am loving these days....

this one is from Before Sunset... love the movie. love the song and waiting eagerly for the sequel Before Midnight.

this one is our family favorite. my son loves it and Mr MN and I love dancing with the little to the tune of Skidamarinka dinka dinka skidamarinka doo... I love you....

Also I finally created a facebook page for Ma Niche. I intend to get more chatty there. If you please join me in FB. I'll love to know you a little more.

Take Care.   Have a great week !

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  1. Though the cake flopped, those pieces there tempt me. They look delish :)

    Oh, and that guy in the Skidamarinka dinka dinka doo song looks exactly like my cuz. Er, is that you Alex? I know this will be running on my head when I see him next. I hope I won't laugh :D

    I don't use FB. (That species still exists;)) Else I would have joined you there :)


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