Oven dried oats vs Cheerios..

a while a back I had written a pretty lengthy post on how the chemical properties of oats makes it difficult to completely substitute all-purpose-flour with oat flour in most recipes. there i had also mentioned how soaking oats overnight and oven drying them before grinding helps increase the mineral absorption power of the oats. GNOWFGLINS is where i picked up all this information. and though that information was full-proof it wasn't for grabs for a busy mom... so i had been looking for alternatives. and last week the idea of ground Cheerios popped up...

for experiment sake i used it to bake a batch of chocochip cookies and it really worked.  so if you are also looking for an alternative to all that hard work... ground cheerios might be the solution. perhaps most of you knew it already... but thought i'll post it.. in case you have overlooked that cereal box lazing on your kitchen countertop.

Sending the image "CHEERIOS"  to Black and White Wednesday #79, a photography event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, now organized by Cinzia of  Cindystar and hosted this week by Shruthi of Food and Clicks.


  1. Great Shot Tanu. And thanks for the info - I didn't know!

    1. Thanks Priya. Cooking with oats has been quite a expedition for me. so lots of info to share :)


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